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A Landscape of Tragedy

In Faces, Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar pairs newspaper clippings with a single face, extracted from the crowd and enlarged, to “rescue it” from anonymity and oblivion. This reframing of the content within a new context also applies to what the artist intends as a trilogy of works, each dedicated to a single image. [Read More…]

Pablo Helguera on BOMB Daily

Themes of language, translation, and polyphonic voice are prevalent in the conceptual and socially engaged art practice of Pablo Helguera, particularly his project Librería Donceles (New York) 2013. Kathleen MacQueen speaks with the artist about his exhibition at Kent Fine Art (up through November 8, 2013). See BOMBlog for the full conversation.

SVA Talk 10/23/13

Kathleen MacQueen will present a talk at the School of Visual Arts, as part of their 2013-2014 lecture series, on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. She will speak on the limitations of voice in expressing collective and historical trauma in the public sphere, taking as a point of departure Jacques Derrida’s The Politics of Friendship to reflect on a politics of intimacy… [Read More…]

The strength to see

Flash Art International – May/June 2013 – feature essay:

In a world of increasingly rapid and abundant communication, we as consumers of information become overwhelmed and learn to shut out, glance aside, and ignore events Alfredo Jaar decries as public emergencies: Stop! Can’t you see what is happening? And he leads us… [Read More…]