Yearly Archives: 2016

By other means…

Jaime Davidovich (1936-2016) lived a long, appreciative (and appreciated) life. I was deeply saddened at the news of his death and knew I would miss our meandering walks… [Read More…]


Artist, William Chambers, turns the tables and asks arts writer, Kathleen MacQueen, about the viability of arts writing and its connection to art making. He touches on a few sore points in the hierarchical status of both listening and being heard…[Read More…]

Blind Dates in Mourning

Curator Neery Melkonian died of cancer on the evening of July 2nd yet no power structure dare silence what death itself fails to accomplish! Blind dates may be in mourning but strategies of (un)silencing continue to unfold…[Read More…]

Dots and Dashes, Crumbs and Ashes

“Dots and Dashes, Crumbs and Ashes: Traces of Trauma’s Abstraction” is Liz Park’s and Kathleen MacQueen’s contribution to volume II of Intervalla (2014/15), featuring the art of Maria Elena Álvarez and Gwenessa Lam. [Read More…]