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A Landscape of Tragedy

In Faces, Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar pairs newspaper clippings with a single face, extracted from the crowd and enlarged, to “rescue it” from anonymity and oblivion. This reframing of the content within a new context also applies to what the artist intends as a trilogy of works, each dedicated to a single image. [Read More…]

Tactical Response I: War, an autophagous game

As men shoot blindly at civilian targets in Gaza and over the airspace of eastern Ukraine, I return to Umberto Eco’s 1991 prognosis that war has become a self-perpetuating affair, locked in an endless pursuit of instability… [Read More…]

Winter Notations: Circumnavigating Time

Winter Notations focuses this season on selections from the Savannah College of Art and Design deFINE ART 2014: Sam Nhlengethwa, Alfredo Jaar, and Tim Rollins and K.O.S. [Read More…]

Virtual Venice

I fully intended to view this year’s Venice Biennale but care-giving took precedence over profession and I had no choice but to content myself with reading (rather than writing) the reviews…that is, until I downloaded Dutch artist Jonas Staal’s free app and went on my own virtual tour, a perusal of the ideological nature of national pavilions… [Read More…]

The strength to see

Flash Art International – May/June 2013 – feature essay:

In a world of increasingly rapid and abundant communication, we as consumers of information become overwhelmed and learn to shut out, glance aside, and ignore events Alfredo Jaar decries as public emergencies: Stop! Can’t you see what is happening? And he leads us… [Read More…]