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Alejandro Cesarco: An artist’s promise

An artist yields to the expanse, selecting just enough – no more, no less – to entice you into the space…as if walking across the bare floor were to create an act of recollection (so reliant on the relation of memory to images)… [Read More…]

And now to begin…

For both Camille Henrot and Alejandro Cesarco, words extracted from their original context are a kind of shorthand substitution of the act of reading for the act of writing…an assemblage of aphoristic messages to the experience of belonging… [Read More…]

Virtual Venice

I fully intended to view this year’s Venice Biennale but care-giving took precedence over profession and I had no choice but to content myself with reading (rather than writing) the reviews…that is, until I downloaded Dutch artist Jonas Staal’s free app and went on my own virtual tour, a perusal of the ideological nature of national pavilions… [Read More…]


Dennis Adams’s Malraux’s Shoes (2012) and Alejandro Cesarco’s If In Time (2012) reveal a willing vulnerability on the part of the artist that is rare outside a more confessional, feminist practice. So encased are men in silence, self-assurance, purpose, and disinterest that opacity seems almost a birthright and issues belong to the one who questions. All the more interesting then when a character replete with the angst of aging, drink, power, and the flagrant display of ingenuity lets slip a small punctum of love’s memory. [Read More…]